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Application Guide for Nanjing Government Scholarship for International Students (2016)

Nanjing Government Scholarship is set to encourage international students to choose Nanjing as the destination city of higher education or doing research. 

1. Criteria of the scholarship

Successful undergraduate applicants can get 10,000 RMB per academic year. Successful master or doctoral students can get 20,000 RMB per academic year. Successful non-degree students, not including Chinese language learners, can get 5000 RMB for every six months.

2. Eligibility 

2.1 Applicants must be healthy foreign citizens who are friendly to China and willing to obey the laws and regulations of Chinese government.

2.2 Applicants for an undergraduate scholarship shall obtain a senior high school certificate and in principle are no older than 28 years. Applicants for a master scholarship shall obtain a bachelor or an equivalent degree and in principle are no older than 35 years. Applicants for a doctoral scholarship shall obtain a master or an equivalent degree and in principle are no older than 40 years.

2.3 Applicants for non-degree education scholarship shall stay at NUIST for more than six months.

2.4 Applicants shall not be winners of other government scholarships during application.

2.5 Students who obtained HSK certificate or other certificate for Chinese language proficiency or Chinese language study can enjoy the priority of this scholarship. Special considerations are allowed for applying prescribed English-medium programs.

3. Application

3.1 Please contact NUIST for the application deadline for each academic year. Scholarship winners can enjoy this scholarship for only one academic year. Scholarship winners shall apply from NUIST by the end of every academic year for the incoming academic year.

3.2 Applicants shall submit the following application documents: 

A. Two copies, in English or in Chinese. (available at “download” page of Admission Column)

B. The notarization of the highest degree certificate is required. A study certificate is required if the applicant is currently studying. A work certificate is required if the applicant is currently working. Document shall be notarized if it is not in English or Chinese.

C. The transcript shall be notarized if it is not in English or Chinese.

D. A study plan in English or Chinese shall be provided.

E. Two recommendation letters in English or in Chinese from professors or associate professors of the university where the applicant graduated from shall be provided.

F. The HSK certificate or other Chinese study or proficiency certificate shall be provided if available.

G. Passport scan.

H. Physical Examination Form.

By the end of each academic year, scholarship winner shall apply again for the next academic year. All application document will not be returned to applicants.

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